Abby Honold says she met fellow University of Minnesota student, Daniel Drill-Mellum at a football tailgate party in the fall of 2014. She says they were introduced by a mutual friend.

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Abby says she’d been drinking before the tailgate began and that about 30 minutes after they met, Drill-Mellum invited her to his apartment across the street, to get more alcohol. Instead, says Abby, he assaulted her.

“Did you fight him?” asks Dr. Phil in an exclusive interview airing Tuesday. “I was trying to get away from him,” recalls Abby, who says she’d blacked out in the living room before waking up on Drill-Mellum’s bed. “I was trying to scooch away, and he just kept following me." Abby says Drill-Mellum then began raping her. At that point, she says, she started crying.

“I really strongly protested against this over and over again. He gagged me with his fingers and then simultaneously held his, his elbow down on my back - and I felt like I couldn’t breathe.”

As the assault continued, Abby says she remembers thinking ‘I either want it to end or I want him to kill me.’ I didn’t really care how it ended. I just wanted it to end.”

What happened in the hours and days after Daniel Drill-Mellum assaulted her that Abby says led to charges against him initially being dropped? And who was the veteran police detective who worked tirelessly to bring Drill-Mellum to justice? This episode of Dr. Phil airs Tuesday.

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This episode contains sexual content. Viewer discretion is advised

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