Jennifer says she wrote to Dr. Phil out of sheer desperation, seeking help for her 13-year-old daughter, Jonelle. She says the teen has been physically and verbally attacking family members for years, but ever since her father died unexpectedly last year, her behaviors have escalated.

Jennifer says Jonelle’s constant outbursts and defiant behaviors have completely worn her out, while Jonelle’s 19-year-old sister, Chloe, says her biggest fear is that Jonelle doesn’t know her own strength.

Jonelle’s oldest sister, Makenzie, says, “That girl has been through so much in her life, but underneath it all, she is the most amazing kid you would ever meet.” She claims that even though they’re close, she too has been a target of her youngest sister’s explosive temper.

“My fear is that Jonelle will get worse if she doesn’t get help,” says Makenzie.

Watch the video above to hear Jonelle’s emotional response when Dr. Phil asks what she misses most about her dad.

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