Becky says she’s raising her granddaughter, Avery, because she can’t trust her daughter, Gabe, to do it herself.

“I think Gabe is a horrible mother,” says Becky, who has had legal guardianship of Avery for over a year. “She’s very selfish, and she just cares about what she wants.”

Gabe admits she used heroin while she was pregnant with Avery, which contributed to Avery being born premature, underweight, and needing oxygen. She says she stopped using a few months after Avery was born, stayed clean for two years – then relapsed 14 months ago.

Gabe claims she’s been sober for almost a year and says she feels it’s time her mother let her have Avery back. Becky strongly disagrees, alleging that her daughter continues to make bad decisions, which Gabe adamantly denies.

Watch the video above to see Gabe’s response to her mother’s accusations. See more from part one of this two-part episode here.

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WATCH: Woman Says She’s Worked ‘Extremely Hard’ To Stay Sober And Deserves To Have Her Daughter Back

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