For over six years, Lenard has claimed that hip-hop artist, Rick, is a child predator, who pretends to be a prophet and targets young children, on the web. He’s also claiming that Rick is harassing him and threatening his kids, “because I called him out.”

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Lenard admits he reached out to Rick’s wife, Jennifer, on social media to let her know that her husband was living a “double life.”

“I messaged, I wanted her to know what he was doing to my family and I as well as who he was pretending to be on the internet.”

“I don’t know why this man has such a vendetta against my husband,” says Jennifer, who insists, “My husband is not a child predator.”

She claims Lenard also contacted her online to tell her that Rick was having an affair. “I asked Lenard to provide evidence and he never did. He got mad at me and started calling me a ‘fat bitch.’”

Jennifer claims she has personally heard Lenard threaten her children, and says she takes his threats “very seriously.”

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