Kelly claims she was 11 years old when she became her father’s sex slave wife. She says she took care of the house, cooked him dinner, ironed his clothes – and claims she gave birth to two of his children. Kelly claims her father “brainwashed” her into believing this was a “normal life” and threatened to harm her if she told anyone.

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Kelly says she finally revealed her secret to her good friend when she was 23. Her friend called the police and although Kelly says she denied anything was going on, she says her father began to grow suspicious that they were building a case against him.

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Eight months later, Kelly’s father killed himself. In the video above, Kelly describes the day she saw her father for the last time, and why she says it brings up mixed emotions for her. And on Tuesday’s episode of Dr. Phil, Dr. Phil offers her advice for how she can move forward with her life. Check here to see where you can watch.

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Dr. Phil Explains To A Young Woman How She May Have Suffered From Emotional Extortion By Her Father