Lisa says she was recently arrested and charged with DUI for the third time. Though she admits she had been drinking at the time of her arrest, Lisa insists she wasn’t drunk.

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“I wasn’t. I was sitting at the Sonic getting a drink (milkshake), and they pulled up behind me, and pulled me out of the car.”

“They said you were drunk - you couldn’t do the field sobriety test," Dr. Phil tells Lisa, referencing the police report. “You were so drunk you couldn’t blow hard enough to take the test.”

When he reads the incident report out loud, she responds, ‘Well, do you always believe what policemen say? You don’t sometimes think that they put some things in there that’s really not true just to make it look worse?”

How does Lisa explain why she wasn’t wearing pants at the time of her arrest?  Tune in to Monday’s Dr. Phil. 

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