Adam says he’s dated plenty of women but has never been in a relationship. He says Dr. Phil is his only hope to help him figure out why he hasn’t been able to find a girlfriend.

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On Tuesday’s episode, Dr. Phil arranges for Adam to meet five single women for five minutes each on a speed date.

WATCH: ‘Let Her Talk,’ Says Dr. Phil While Coaching Guest Through Backstage Chat With A Woman He Wants To Know Better

Following the speed dating session, the 47-year-old, who says he’s never been able to figure out what women want, chooses Tracie, a 47-year-old recruiter, to get to know better. Dr. Phil sends the pair backstage for some one-on-one conversation.

“How did you feel about the time you spent with him,” Dr. Phil asks Tracie when she and Adam return to the stage.

“It was good,” she responds, adding that she felt comfortable talking to him.

Watch the video above to learn how Tracie responds when Dr. Phil reveals, “I put a bug in his ear and I was telling him what to say.”

Then on Tuesday, find out what life development coach and author of the book Best Self: Be You Only Better, Mike Bayer, says are some of the steps Adam can take to connect with his best self. Plus, learn what Dating With Dignity’s Marni Batista, a certified dating and relationship coach, has to say about authenticity in online dating profiles.

Watch more from Tuesday’s episode here.

Dr. Phil Season 18 begins September 9. Find your local listing here.

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Coach Mike Bayer, a regular contributor to Dr. Phil, is Founder and CEO of CAST Centers, a Dr. Phil Advisory Board member and author of Best Self: Be You Only Better.