Alaska says when she started her cuddling business last year, her goal was to help those suffering from PTSD, anxiety, and depression. She says that as the site grew, people were reaching out to the cuddlers looking to date them. Because this broke her rules for the platform, she says she decided to change the focus of the website to both a cuddling and a dating website.

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When she made the change, she says she started using her photos – some of them quite provocative – to market the website, and she created a profile for herself to help manage the site -- all to the surprise of her husband, Paul.

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“I have multiple profiles on the site. In the last few months, I’ve booked myself at least eight sessions, and I had to sneak off to do it. Sometimes, I claim I’m just going to the grocery store, and I’m out doing a cuddle,” Alaska reveals on Wednesday’s episode of Dr. Phil. She also shares that she has gone out of state a few times to do cuddles. “These trips entail going to dinners, sometimes going for walks, hanging out, talking, holding hands, rubbing, touching each other. Listening is the main thing, ‘cause a lot of people don’t have people who listen to them,” she continues.

In the video above, hear more about Alaska’s cuddling encounters. And, see how her husband reacts to learning that his wife is actually cuddling with clients and not just running the business -- as she promised him she was.

This episode airs on Wednesday. And on Thursday, what made Alaska angry during the taping? Check here to see where you can watch.

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Man Confronts Wife About Spending Hours With Other Men As Part Of Cuddling Business