Kerri Rawson says that when the FBI informed her that her father, Dennis Rader, was the notorious serial killer BTK, she was convinced they had the wrong man. Rawson says her father was a churchgoer, Boy Scout leader and her best friend, and there was no way the man she loved was binding, torturing and killing innocent people while being a hands-on dad at home.

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“The detectives that have interviewed and solved his case said he’s 90, 95 percent BTK and a little bit Dennis, and I argue it’s the other way around,” Rawson tells Dr. Phil during Wednesday’s episode. “He’s 90, 95 percent my dad and 5 percent a man I don’t know, because if I knew that man, I wouldn’t be alive.”

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Dr. Phil points out that Rawson and her father shared an interest in true crime and killer movies and asks her, “Do you think that he was sharing those things with you in some kind of bizarre sort of way?”

Hear her explanation in the video above – and Dr. Phil’s thoughts about Rader’s behavior.

On Wednesday’s episode, hear more about Rawson’s life growing up, as she details it in her new book, A Serial Killer’s Daughter: My Story of Faith, Love, And Overcoming. Check here to see where you can watch.

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