Michelle says her 22-year-old grandson, Conner, needs to figure out how to be a “real adult.” She claims that Conner, who currently lives with her, refuses to regularly shower, brush his teeth, shave, clean his room or change his clothes, which Conner adamantly denies. Michelle also claims that he spends most of his time gaming or video-chatting with his girlfriend of five years, whom he has never met in person.

Michelle also claims that Conner refuses to get his GED and says he claims he isn’t able to retain any knowledge.

“Conner has an excuse for everything,” says Michelle, not just calling her grandson lazy – but claiming he’s “launch-less.”

Michelle says she has reached her breaking point with Conner and will kick him out if he doesn’t change his ways. 

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And later, why does Conner claim that his grandmother is exaggerating?

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