h“I’m at the end of my rope with my son, Blake,” says Sandra. “He’s extremely volatile, narcissistic and entitled.”

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Sandra says Blake has a Bachelor of Arts in psychology but claims he can’t hold a job because his anger issues get him fired. She claims he goes to the gym every day, drinks, smokes “weed,” lives rent-free in a house she bought and is verbally abusive to her – and to his sister, Sarah. “He is incredibly disrespectful. Blake will call me a piece of [expletive] and say that I’ve ruined his life.”

Blake says he doesn’t get along with his mom or his sister. He admits he’s got a lot of anger and hostility. “I can be an arrogant [expletive] sometimes. I can be mean … rude.”

Sandra says Blake “could care less about life, and thinks that the world owes him everything.” She says she “bends over backwards” to help Blake out. “I pay for his phone, his insurance … I even bought his car,” says Sandra.

“I feel like my mom gives me a lot of material things – but she doesn’t give me a lot of emotional support,” says Blake.

Sandra claims Blake is constantly getting into trouble with the police, including arrests for possession of marijuana, and driving under the influence. “When Blake gets in trouble I bail him out because I don’t want to see him sit in jail.”

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