“I am at my wits’ end with my daughter, Kindra. She is unhealthy, unmotivated and financially dependent on me,” says Nancy. She says Kindra is overweight, doesn’t work and is a lazy mom – and it’s time she change. “I go over to Kindra’s apartment and often find her lying on the couch, and the apartment is just a big mess.”

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Kindra says she’s not lazy, just unmotivated. “My mom needs to stop being so negative,” she says. “My mom is nagging, bitchy and judgmental.”

What is causing Kindra’s behavior? And, is she ready to change? Watch more in the video above.

On Wednesday’s episode of Dr. Phil, see what Dr. Phil suggests this young woman do to find the motivation to be a self-sufficient single mother – and how her own mom can support her efforts. Check here to see where you can watch.

TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Bad mother/daughter relationship?



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