Jamie Snow says that her 10-year anniversary trip to Cancun, Mexico with her husband, Elijah, ended in tragedy when Elijah mysteriously disappeared on their first night at a luxury resort and was found dead the next morning. Authorities claim Elijah, who was found dead with his arms and chest coming out of a small window, accidentally died. 

Jamie claims that she wasn’t allowed to see her firefighter husband’s body until it was taken to a funeral home – where she took pictures of his dead body.
“It’s the worst thing I’ve ever done in my life,” the mom of two tells Dr. Phil in an exclusive interview airing Monday. “It was like an out-of-body experience. I have no idea how I got through it.”

In the video above, see some of the pictures that Jamie says prove her husband was murdered.
On Monday’s episode, “Murder in Mexico? Exclusive: Firefighter's Wife Claims Husband's Death Was Not an Accident,” hear what Jamie says she believes happened to her husband. Check local listings to see where you can tune in to the Season 20 premiere of Dr. Phil airing Monday.
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WATCH: Wife Of Firefighter Who Died While On Vacation In Mexico Claims She Had To Beg Authorities To See His Body

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