Ciara says that since she was young, she has known that she was placed in an open adoption and that her birth mother, Claudia, could reach out to her at any time.

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“When I was 10, she had said that she wanted to build a relationship with me. It made me feel excited, but Claudia never made an attempt to see me,” Ciara says of one of the many times Claudia let her down. She says she finally saw Claudia when she was 16 by accident. “I was with my sister, and she happened to stop by our grandparents’ house. Claudia walked in the house and saw me and walked right past, sat in the kitchen and cried.”

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In the video above, Ciara sees Claudia for the first time in two years and confronts her about her behavior.

On Friday’s episode of Dr. Phil, Ciara, along with her half-sister, Celia, who was raised by Claudia, hold Claudia accountable for her parenting. Will the sisters accept Claudia back into their lives? Check here to see where you can watch.

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