Amanda says she’s madly in love with her boyfriend, Dylon, even though he struggles to take care of himself. The young man suffers from seizures and doesn’t take his medication, so Amanda says she takes care of him.

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“He says it makes him feel weird,” Amanda says of why Dylon doesn’t take his meds. “It’s a conscious decision, but I do believe there are those times he thinks he’s taken his medicine and he hasn’t.”

Amanda continues, “Dylon is definitely crying out because he’s hurt and scared on the inside. He puts on a front. He’s a very strong manly man but inside, I believe, he’s just a hurt child.”

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Dylon’s sister, Brittany, also expresses concerns about the young father’s behavior. “When Dylon was 16, I started to see a change in his behavior – poor hygiene, hanging out with the wrong crowd, issues with authority,” she says. “Dylon has had trouble in accepting his epilepsy as an illness that needs to be treated long-term.”

Hear more from the women in the video above, including why they say they are concerned about Dylon’s safety.

On Monday’s episode of Dr. Phil, hear why Dylon says he doesn’t take his medicine. Is he willing to accept Dr. Phil’s offer of help? Check here to see where you can watch.

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