Stephanie says her boyfriend, David, was the perpetrator of a road rage incident in 2021 that cost him his life. “Something happened on the road. It spilled over into a gas station. Dave followed the man in his truck and got out, and had a knife. He opened the door to the gentleman’s truck, and the gentleman shot him in self-defense,” she says.

Stephanie says David was a sweet person and that they had a wonderful relationship. She says she believes that outside pressures, including the pandemic, money issues, the loss of loved ones, and an impending move, may have contributed to his behavior that day.

About the incident that took David’s life, Stephanie says, “It was very trivial and not something worth losing your life over.”

Instances of road rage are on the rise across the country, as are other types of aggressive behaviors. On Thursday’s episode, “America’s Short Fuse: Afraid to Leave the House,” Dr. Phil explores the reasons behind this spike in violence and what, if anything, can be done about it.

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