Six-year-old Lauren was fatally stabbed on the morning of July 19, 2011. The child was attacked in her bed, with her twin sister just a few feet away. Lauren’s assailant was her mother, Allison’s, (then) boyfriend, David.

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Allison says she had no indication that David was capable of taking the life of her daughter. “He was never physically violent or aggressive towards me – we didn’t argue; he never even raised his voice.”

“Everything was going great until about a week before Lauren died,” says Allison. She claims that’s when David revealed to her a secret from his past that left her thinking about leaving him. “In my mind, I already knew that we were done. I was just trying a way to ease out of it without everybody being hurt or devastated.”

What secret does Allison claim David revealed to her, and how does Lauren’s death continue to affect the brother and twin sister who survive her? This episode of Dr. Phil airs Friday.

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