David and Bekah say that they try and live their lives according to the Bible, and that they believe Bekah’s mom, Susan’s, actions are not Christian, so it’s difficult for them to be around her.

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“Even though Susan professes to walk in that way, it's obvious to us that she does not,” David says. “Susan doesn't draw anyone to Christ-like behavior because she doesn't exhibit it.”

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Susan, however, says she worships three times a week and doesn’t drink, smoke or gamble – but says her daughter and son-in-law won’t let her see her grandchildren because they claim she has “sinful” behavior. “The Bible says there's only one lawgiver, and it also says, ‘He that is without sin cast the first stone,’” Susan says.

Dr. Phil has advice for the family, who turns to him for help reconciling.

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“Do you two have a right to run your family the way you want to and set your standards the way you want to? Of course you do. And I believe in Deuteronomy 5:16 also, which says 'honor your mother and father,'” he says to David and Bekah. “Does that mean endorse every word she says or every behavior she emits? It does not. But it means that in your spirit, you’re looking for a way to lift her up. You are looking for a way to come together with her, instead of looking for a way to find fault, looking for a way to exclude.”

Watch more in the video above. And on Wednesday’s episode, find out if Bekah and David will finally allow Susan to meet her newest grandchild. Check here to see where you can watch.

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