Susan says she and her daughter, Bekah, were best friends until Bekah met and married her husband, David.

“After they got married, it seemed like he really wanted her all to himself. There was really no room for me,” Susan says. “Once the kids came along, Dave became extremely controlling.”

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Susan says David, who was in the military, has specific demands for the way things are done around the house, including how his shirts are folded, how his jeans are hung and where things are placed.

“The first time we ever had a blowup was when I was trying to do the laundry. He just put his finger right to my nose and said, ‘This is my house.’ I'd lost it, I said to Bekah, ‘You’re going to have to choose between he and I,’” Susan says.

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In the video above, Susan describes an incident that occurred four months ago that resulted in Bekah and David telling Susan she could not see her grandkids unless it was at a family event. And on Wednesday’s episode of Dr. Phil, hear from Bekah and David and why they say they won’t let Susan around their children. Can Susan mend things with her daughter and son-in-law so she can see her grandchildren again? Check here to see where you can watch.

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