Karla and her daughter Cassandra say Karla’s other daughter, Abby, was possessed by demons for more than a decade, and even though the demons are finally gone, Abby still suffers.

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“Abby has episodes where she has convulsions and will fall to the floor,” says Cassandra who claims these episodes can happen as many as six times a day.

“Abby will grunt and become limp. Her jaw locks up to where we have to literally unlock that jaw,” Karla adds.

The women claim that Abby started seeing demons at 5 years old, claiming that over time, there were two who would attack her.

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“The first demon, Emily, was hitting her and cutting her,” Karla says. “When Charlie, the second demon, attacked, there was so much power, it looked as if she was being raped. She was pinned down to the bed, and there was no way you could break that power.”

Karla says Abby had three exorcisms to rid the demons from inside her. She says that at first, Abby seemed to be better, but now she suffers from debilitating PTSD and flashbacks, and that she can’t drive, work or lead a productive life.

“This is taking over her entire life,” Cassandra says.

In the video above, Karla and Cassandra explain to Dr. Phil why they are convinced Abby suffered from demonic possession and not another ailment. And on Thursday’s episode, hear from Abby, and see what happens when she has an episode on stage. Check here to see where you can watch.

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