Desiree says she and her daughter Adrienne have a contentious relationship.
“Adrienne is manipulative and bossy. Adrienne is a person that likes to control every single thing around her,” Desiree says, claiming that her daughter bullies her. “She realized that she could get me arrested just by calling the police and get me taken away, because she knows I’m on probation.”

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Desiree says she has allowed Adrienne to live with her but that she doesn’t even want to leave her room because of her daughter. “In the last 20 years, I would say we’ve had six pretty good physical altercations,” Desiree says, describing one where she claims Adrienne choked her, an allegation Adrienne denies. “I cut Adrienne out of my life because I realized she doesn’t care about me at all.”

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In the video above, hear what happened when Desiree and Adrienne, along with Desiree’s other daughter, Erica, drove across the country to see Dr. Phil.

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