Jennifer says she sent her “out-of-control” 15-year-old daughter, Marie, to stay with Marie’s grandmother, Vicky, because she thought that she was “better suited to help Marie navigate this time in her life.”

“Marie came to live with me because her mom was losing control,” says Vicky, who describes her granddaughter as “self-destructive” and “defiant.”

“She felt disowned by her mother,” Vicky adds.

Then, says Vicky, Marie started acting out with her. “I couldn’t believe she would be so disrespectful toward me.”

What does Vicky say Marie was doing that caused her to send her granddaughter back to Jennifer after seven months?

Plus, Jennifer says she, Marie, and her older daughter, Carly, spent two years living with a dark family secret. What happened, and how do Marie and Carly say it has affected their relationships with Jennifer today?

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