Sasha says she spent a year planning her dream wedding and was devastated when, on the day, her groom failed to show up. She says she finally realized her wedding wasn’t going to take place when she learned from the vendor that her fiancé hadn’t paid for the venue.

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Sasha says that while she and her fiancé visited the venue together a few days before their October 8 wedding was to take place, she only found out he lost their reservation on the day they were supposed to be married.

WATCH Bride Says She Spent A Year Planning Wedding, But Her Groom Was A No-Show

Together since they were 18 years old, Sasha, who is now 28, says her former fiancé is the only man she had ever been in a “real” relationship with. Does she say she’s still in love with him?

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Why A Bride Whose Fiancé Didn’t Show Up On Their Wedding Day Says She Might Marry Him Anyway