Deborah says her father, Robert Brashers, was the “greatest man in the world,” and growing up, life for her family was perfect.
But Deborah says there were times in her childhood where her father was on the run – and insisted the family help him hide out.

“My mother told us, ‘Do not let him out of the house.’ So we played a game of don’t let Daddy out of the house,” Deborah says. “When he was on the run, we had to call my father ‘Mitch’ so no one would know who he was. He would wear disguises.”
Deborah describes more about her father’s behavior – and what she claims the family had to do to help him -- in the video above.
Deborah says she learned three years ago that her father was leading a double life and was responsible for a string of killings, sexual assaults and burglaries between 1985 and 1998. Now, she wonders how she could love a serial killer – and if it’s part of her DNA. Hear Dr. Phil’s advice on how she can move forward on Friday’s episode, "'My Father Was a Serial Killer.'" Check local listings to see where you can watch.

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