“Daniel’s relationship with his entire family altogether is very [expletive],” says Marissa of her fiancé’s family. “When Daniel needs the most help, his family does everything they can to not give it to him.”

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Marissa points the finger specifically at Daniel’s sister, Sarah, and his mother, Cindy.

“Sarah is a narcissistic sociopath and drama queen,” says Marissa, claiming that when Daniel calls her, she criticizes him. “Sarah hates me because I stood up for him when she was, basically, attacking him.”

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Marissa says Sarah and Cindy have “gone overboard” with their accusations against her.

“Sarah and Cindy both need to back off. They need to accept that if Daniel is with someone who makes him happy, if he is happy, they need to get over the fact that they don’t like who he’s with,” Marissa says. “If something doesn’t change, then his family isn’t even going to be part of his life.”

On Monday’s episode of Dr. Phil, see what happens when Marissa faces off with Sarah and Cindy on Dr. Phil’s stage. Check here to see where you can watch.

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Tempers Flare As Man’s Fiancée Faces Off With His Sister And Mom