Alex says after four years of living under the Trump administration, she feels that her power, strength, and resolve have been replaced with depression, anxiety, and rage.

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“It’s hard for me to believe that somebody would vote for someone like him,” she says, adding, “If I see a Trump sign on the road, I get angry. I feel a lot of hatred.”

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Alex says she was abused as a child, and when she hears the things that President Trump says about women, “It triggers that abuse for me.” She says she wonders how she’ll survive four more years if Donald Trump is re-elected.

Watch Thursday to hear what Dr. Phil says Alex and others can do to help preserve their mental and emotional well-being during these stressful times.

This episode airs Thursday. Then, on Friday, Dr. Phil and his special guest Piers Morgan, author of the new book, “Wake Up: Why The World Has Gone Nuts,” explore the trend known as Cancel Culture.

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