Emma says that when she was 15, her father, David, sent her to live with her mother, Susan, who had abandoned the family several years earlier. Emma and Susan agree it was not a good environment for Emma to grow up in.

“I was still drinking; I wasn’t mentally healthy. I was not a good person for her to move in with,” says Susan.

Emma says her mother would also give her alcohol when she drank. “It was a very difficult time,” she says.

A few years later, Emma, who has Type 1 diabetes, says she started using pills and then heroin. “When I needed cash, I’d call my dad and tell him I broke a bottle of insulin. He’d send me money, which I’d then use on drugs,” she says.

Emma claims she stopped using drugs over a decade ago, but when her fiancé relapsed and then died of an overdose, she started abusing anti-anxiety medication and eventually checked in to a mental health facility. When she got out, she says her father started sending money to support her and her two children.

“His financial support is great, but I would much rather have my dad’s emotional support and love,” says Emma. “In order for me to get to a better place, I think my entire family needs help.”

And later, when Emma says she hasn’t seen either of her parents in years, how do David and Susan respond? Watch Friday’s episode, “Broken Ties and Financial Lies,” to find out!

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