“As I watched my daughter on life-support in the hospital, I felt absolutely helpless,” says Clyde of his youngest child, Bethany, who recently had valve replacement surgery, and spent 10 days in a medically induced coma to recover from concurrent infections. Her medical condition, says the family, was the result of Bethany’s ongoing addiction to heroin.


Clyde says he looked at his daughter, and couldn’t tell if she realized what she’d been through, or how serious it was. “I issued the tough love. I told Bethany, if she were to die in this situation – we would cry and we would hurt – but our lives would go on. She didn’t give me a response.”

Charlotte says her daughter was once a high school soccer player with a bright future that included plans for college – but that all changed, she claims, when Bethany started using drugs and getting in trouble with the law. “The Bethany that I see now, is definitely not the daughter that I want to know.”

The family says they’re angry and frustrated with Bethany. Who do they claim is her biggest enabler?

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Why An Admitted Heroin Addict With A Life-Threatening Medical Condition Says She Can’t Stop Using