Paige’s sister, Hayley, says she knows what a great mom Paige can be to her nearly 2-year-old daughter, but says it was selfish for her to let their parents, Lance and Nancy, raise her child while she was living in a car with her girlfriend.

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Paige, 23, has moved back in with Lance and Nancy while her girlfriend is in a treatment facility, but claims they never gave the woman a chance. She says she’ll go back to living in the car to keep her girlfriend from being homeless.

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“Paige choosing to live in a car is absurd,” says Hayley, adding, “It’s selfish to choose a car over living in a home that’s safe, where her daughter is.”

Hayley says she doesn’t recognize her sister anymore and claims that Paige lies about where she goes, what she does, and how she spends her money. What does she say Paige told her that their parents don’t know?

Plus, what was the traumatic event in Paige’s recent past that her family says has had a negative impact on her life.

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