Wendy says she was shocked the first time her son-in-law, Adam, exposed himself to her.

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“The first time was my fault,” she says, explaining that Adam and her daughter, Whitney, were staying with her at the time. “I went to take clean clothes in the bedroom, and I walked in on him. I screamed I yelled, I turned and ran. He thought it was funny.”

Continuing, Wendy says “The times that I had to pick him up from work, he would touch himself and expose himself. It was almost like it was a turn-on to him and he told me to look, and I told him no.” She says she felt embarrassed and humiliated and went out of her way to avoid Adam.

Whitney says she was only recently made aware of Adam having exposed himself to her mother. Wendy says she didn’t say anything to Whitney because she was afraid her daughter wouldn’t believe her.

Why does Adam claim that Wendy isn’t telling the whole story?

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