Paula claims that Jeremy, her husband of 21 years, is lazy, doesn’t communicate, and won’t help around the house. To make matters worse, she says, Jeremy has no desire to be intimate, and that’s left her starved for affection.

“My sex drive has always been very, very high, and Jeremy just doesn’t have that high sex drive,” she says.

Jeremy says he enjoys being intimate with Paula. However, sex isn’t a priority in his day-to-day life. He says, “Sex is not a thing that occupies much space in my mind.”

Paula says that the fact that Jeremy doesn’t want to be intimate with her is both depressing and a shot to her ego. She says Jeremy’s lack of intimacy is frustrating because she knows that almost any man on the street would want a relationship with her.

Jeremy says he finds it difficult to be attracted to Paula because of their constant arguments. “Arguments about being intimate make me want to be with her even less,” he says.

Is there more to this couple’s intimacy issues? And later, what does Paula say she discovered more than a decade ago that she says changed her marriage forever? Tune in to Wednesday’s episode, “Marriage on Hiatus,” to find out.

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