After nearly 50 years of marriage, Linda says her family has been ripped apart by her husband, Maurice’s, secret double life, which included two affairs with two different women in Mexico, spanning decades.

“My husband Maurice has torn apart my family … My whole world was turned upside down, inside out. I felt worthless. I felt like a failure. This is someone that I trusted with my entire life,” Linda says. “My children have just been absolutely devastated. My daughters all feel like they have lost their father. Their hearts have been broken. He has become a pathological liar. He is dishonest to the very core of his being.”

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One of his affairs led to Maurice having a daughter, whom he’s never met but says he has supported financially by sending money to the mother over the years.

As for the other mistress, not only did Maurice have a three-month affair with the woman who was working as a maid at a hotel he was staying at in Mexico, but he says he has also sent the woman nearly $2 million to pay for the woman’s various medical conditions – all of which, Maurice’s family believes are fake. Furthermore, the family claims Maurice conned and stole the money from friends, family and strangers to send to Josefina.

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“I have absolutely no doubt she has conned him,” Linda says. “If I saw her, I probably would scratch her eyes out. How anybody can be at death’s door for 13 years? She’s such a medical miracle. If she’s really ill, let her die.”

Watch the video above as Linda discusses the repercussions of her husband’s infidelity and financial decisions.

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