Jessica says when she first started dating Justin, she was self-sufficient, working two jobs to support herself and paying for her own apartment. But she says that after she started dating him, things kind of “went downhill.” Now, she and Justin don’t have jobs and depend on Justin’s parents, with whom they live, to support them and their 18-month-old daughter, which she says leaves her feeling “very trapped.”

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“The fights between Justin and his family make the house feel like we’re in a war zone,” Jessica says. “Justin is the main problem. He basically knows your weakness and he targets that.”

The 24-year-old says Justin, who is jobless, has stolen thousands from his parents and she worries that he is going to get locked up. She says she wishes he would step up and help her parent their daughter and their unborn baby.

“I want him to be excited about our second baby and it doesn’t seem like he is. I want him to help raise his kids,” Jessica says.

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Jessica acknowledges that she is not blameless in the situation.

“I say that I contribute to problems with my lack of motivation. I’m lazy,” admits Jessica, who is currently unemployed. “Justin is scared to grow up and be an adult and face his responsibilities, and I am afraid to be put out on my own.”

On Wednesday’s episode of Dr. Phil, hear from Justin and why he says he blames his parents for the person he has become. Check here to see where you can watch.

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