“My name is Michelle Suzanne, her name was Michelle Marianne,” says the woman who claims she lost her identical twin to cancer in July. “After her last marriage fell apart, we became roommates and tried to get her life back together.”

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In the video above, Michelle Suzanne (who currently goes by her middle name, Suzanne) says her “identical twin,” Michelle, met Ryan on social media, “She was head over heels mad in love with him.”

Then, claims Suzanne, Michelle died: “It was more than just losing your best friend. It was like losing my heart.”

While Michelle and Ryan never had the chance to meet in person, Suzanne says when she reached out to him after Michelle passed away - she fell in love with her sister’s online love-interest too. Now she says she wants to marry him.

Ryan asserts he didn’t know Michelle was in love with him and says he has no romantic interest in Suzanne. He says Michelle left him a diamond ring, an Audi R8 and a personal diary, and Suzanne is withholding his inheritance.

Ryan says he’s only allowing Suzanne to believe that she’s his girlfriend until he gets what Michelle promised she was leaving him in her will. What he doesn’t yet know: Suzanne and Michelle weren’t twins at all.

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