Stacey says she introduced her mom, Gail, to online dating about four years ago, where she met a man named “Fallon Galvin,” whom Stacey claims was a scammer. Stacey says after Gail had a falling out with “Fallon,” her mom met “Matt Hurley,” with whom she’s currently in a relationship.
“Just when I thought nothing could get any worse, she was getting messages from someone posing as Vin Diesel, who went by the name 'Mark Sinclair,' which is actually his legal name,” Stacey says. “Mom has sent almost $250,000 to these scammers. They have ruined her financially.”

Hear more of Gail’s story in the video above, including text messages “Mark Sinclair” has sent her claiming he's been kidnapped and needs her help.
On Tuesday’s episode of Dr. Phil, “Dr. Phil Goes Global: Where is ‘Matt Hurley?’,” Dr. Phil sends a producer to where “Matt Hurley” claims he has been staying for the last two years because he doesn’t have enough money to get back to the U.S. What does the producer find? And, Dr. Phil finds the man in “Matt Hurley’s” photos. Check local listings to see where you can tune in.

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