“My mom completely enables Blake,” says his older sister, Sarah. She claims their mother, Sandra, pays his way, for everything, including housing, health insurance, utilities, car, car insurance - and his phone.

“I feel like that enables me to spend my money elsewhere – on drinking, going out and partying,” says the 26-year-old college grad. Blake admits he smokes pot every day and only works part time because he wants to party and pursue a modeling career.

“I admit it, I definitely enable my son,” says Sandra.

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“My mom has created a monster,” says Sarah. “If it was up to me – I’ve told her this before – just cut him off. “

Sarah claims Blake resents her because she attended both a private high school and a private college, and now has a good paying job. According to Sandra, Blake attended public school, and because he earned good grades, was able to complete his first two years of undergraduate work at a community college, tuition-free. He eventually graduated with a 3.5 GPA and a BA in psychology but says the time he spent at community college cost him important contacts.

“You were able to build friendships over four years,” he tells Sarah. “I transferred in to a school of 35,000 people as a Junior, with no contacts – and no friends.” He says he’s not happy for his sister’s success now - because of how she acts – and treats him.

Is there more to Blake’s resentment toward his sister? Dr. Phil digs deeper on Thursday’s episode. Check here. to find out where you can watch.

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