Stefanie says her mother, Cheryl, thinks she spends too much time with her boyfriend, Michael, and doesn’t want them to date. She says Michael isn’t the first guy she’s been in love with who Cheryl has had a problem with. She claims Cheryl chased away another boyfriend by messaging him online while pretending to be someone else.

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“She coaxed him into cheating on me, sending pictures. She sent him sexy messages, saying -like - ‘I love you’ – to try to lure him in,” says Stefanie. She says her boyfriend fell for the ruse, never knowing it was Cheryl.

“After I caught her and told her about it, then she was like ‘But I did you a favor,’” says Stefanie.

Cheryl admits she interfered but claims it was because “his mother and father were telling me that they didn’t want her seeing him anymore.”

Why does Cheryl say she doesn’t want Stefanie dating Michael? Tune in to Friday’s Dr. Phil.

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