“My mom, Annie, is delusional. She actually believes Michael Jackson wrote the song Smooth Criminal about her,” says Akeeya.

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The song describes a woman named “Annie” who had been violently attacked in her apartment by a smooth assailant. Akeeya says her mom claims that she was abused 30 years ago and somehow Michael Jackson knew, because her mom says the abuse happened like the lyrics state. “My mom has even called Quincy Jones because she believes she is owed the rights to the song,” Akeeya says.

Now, Akeeya says she’s worried about her mom who is homeless and living on the street with Akeeya’s 14-year-old sister.

WATCH: ‘I Believe I Am Annie From Michael Jackson’s Song ‘Smooth Criminal’’

“My mom does not work because she believes she’s entitled to the rights of ‘Smooth Criminal,’” Akeeya says. “I am livid. I want my mother to stop trying to cash in on the rights to this song and get a job and support her and my little sister.”

WATCH: Woman Addresses Claims That She Is Delusional

In the video above, Akeeya tells Dr. Phil about what she describes as other “erratic behavior” her mother has displayed since Akeeya was a child and why she believes she is delusional. On Wednesday’s episode, hear from Annie and why she says she believes “Smooth Criminal” was written about her.” Check here to see where you can watch.

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Why Woman Says She’s Convinced Michael Jackson’s ‘Smooth Criminal’ Was Written About Her