“Because of my mom’s drinking – she has completely ruined a lot of great moments that have gone on in my childhood,” says Kristin of her mother, Marna. Kristin says when she was in the sixth grade, and a contestant in a national pre-teen beauty pageant, Marna pulled the focus away from Kristin by getting drunk in front of the other pageant moms. Kristin says she spent the evening cleaning up her mother’s vomit.

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“I was trying to better myself and my education, and she basically took that away from me,” says Kristin in the video above. She cites several other instances when she was negatively impacted by her mother’s drinking. “My friends had these outstanding mothers, and I had one who was kind of the town drunk.”

On Friday’s Dr. Phil, Kristin says she completely resents having to “mother” Marna, when she has four children of her own to raise.

Marna admits - she’s a chronic alcoholic who drinks about a liter of hard liquor a day. Is she ready to take responsibility for her choices? Tune in to Friday’s Dr. Phil.

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