Sarah says she’s madly in love with Kevin, whom she’s never met in person. She says she plans to visit him in Kenya in February, once she gets her tax return money.

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“I’m counting down the months to that time,” says the mother of four who plans to leave her kids and husband of 18 years, Keith, to travel to Africa. “Initially, I would go to Kenya without my children to be with Kevin, but I don't think we’ll stay in Kenya, so we will return.”

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Keith, who says he’s devastated, claims Sarah is being scammed. “I’ve told Sarah that Kevin is just using her to get into the United States,” Keith says. “She said,’ Well, if that's the case, I just learned a lesson and then come crawling back to you. I know you'll take me back.’”

In the video above from Friday’s episode of Dr. Phil, hear what Sarah says she dreams about for her and Kevin’s future.Then see what a Dr. Phil team discovers when they go and search for Kevin. Is he real? Check here to see where you can watch.

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Man Speaks To Wife’s Lover For First Time

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Man Speaks To Wife’s Lover For First Time