Mollie says her service dog helps her diabetic daughter every day and has even saved her life multiple times. She says that one time, her dog, Sugar, detected Maggie’s low blood sugar while Sugar was at home and Maggie was at school, possibly saving her life.

“If Sugar had not detected Maggie’s blood sugar, she could have easily lost consciousness, slipped into a coma or even worse,” Mollie says. “Having Sugar, it is a peace of mind that you can’t put a price tag on.”

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In the video above, Mollie tells Dr. Phil about her positive experience with Sugar, the dog she obtained through Service Dogs By Warren Retrievers, or SDWR, after being awarded a grant from the company which paid for the dog.

“Would you consider this dog to be a life-saving addition to your management of the diabetes?” Dr. Phil asks her.

“Absolutely,” Mollie says, adding that her daughter is a “fragile diabetic” who had been hospitalized multiple times because of the disease. “Since we’ve had Sugar, we’ve not been hospitalized at all.”

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On Wednesday’s episode of Dr. Phil, customers of SDWR face off about the legitimacy of the dogs obtained through SDWR. Check here to see where you can watch.