Brandi says when she first met Victor he treated her to expensive jewelry, cars, and designer clothes. “Victor and I were the rock ‘n’ roll couple that had it all,” she says, claiming that she was dripping in diamonds, emeralds, rubies, and furs.

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Then, after they married in 2002, Brandi claims he became “verbally abusive, degrading, demanding and demeaning.” She claims Victor is a liar who controlled her every move.

“Victor controlled every aspect of my life,” says Brandi. “The allowance I got was $20 a day. He put up cameras at all four corners of our first home, GPS trackers in my car. He recorded every phone call that was coming in and out of the home.”

Then, says Brandi, things turned violent. She claims that last January, Victor broke her nose in front of their son.

Victor, who vehemently denies her claims, says the real problem in their relationship is Brandi. He claims she’s a “raging alcoholic” with multiple arrests and two DUIs, who is physically and verbally abusive when she drinks.

Brandi says she sometimes drinks to excess but adamantly denies being an alcoholic. She admits she has multiple DUI’s, has resisted arrest, and was once charged with criminal destruction of property for demolishing Victor’s in-home recording studio.

She also says she’s never done anything to “seriously” hurt Victor, “but I have kicked him and punched him and scratched him.”

Each claims the other has cheated.

Brandi says she and Victor divorced two months ago, and she says she hasn’t seen her kids in about 10 months. Why does Brandi say she wants Dr. Phil’s help in winning back her husband?

Part one of this two-part episode airs Wednesday. Check here to find out where you can watch.

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