Sara is a 22-year-old single mother who says she’s desperate to prove her boyfriend Matt – a 34-year-old registered sex offender - is safe to be around her 2-year-old daughter. She says they met just two months ago and from there, the relationship escalated quickly. “Matt really did sweep me off my feet,” declares Sara.

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In the video above, Sara says she’s in love with Matt and would like to marry him one day. There’s a snag. Sara says her parents object to their granddaughter being around a convicted sex-offender and have threatened to take the child away from Sara if she ever leaves the toddler alone with Matt.

Sara says she believes Matt was wrongly convicted of indecent assault of a minor. The victim in the case: a former wife’s (then) 14-year-old sister. “Matt’s told me his ex-wife’s mother had a vendetta against him. The younger sister ended up testifying against Matt.”

Matt, who insists he’s innocent of the charges that were brought against him, says he spent two months in jail after his conviction and is now a registered sex offender –for life.

Sara says she wants help convincing her parents that Matt is innocent so they’ll accept him into the family; but is she doing what’s best for her daughter? Tune in to Dr. Phil on Monday.

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Woman Says She’s Furious Her Daughter Is Dating A Convicted Sex Offender: 'I Am Terrified Of My Granddaughter Being Around Him'