Kristine claims her estranged husband Jerry is sending money to “random” women he meets online and says she wants it to stop.

“I believe that Jerry is throwing away my financial future with online dating scams,” says Kristine. She claims she's lost money, cars, and everything she has because Jerry has depleted their finances, and that now she worries they may lose their home. “Jerry is very deceptive, delusional and he’s a liar,” asserts Kristine.

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Kristine claims for the past five years, Jerry has been meeting multiple women online and has been sending money to Nigeria via Western Union. She further claims that he is currently speaking with four young and beautiful women – "Kelly", "Kimberly", "Candce" and "Rose" – who she says would not give a man like Jerry “the time of day.”

“Each of them have promised Jerry millions. It’s all lies,” claims Kristine. “He has wired money to all four of these women in excess of $15,000. I just want to reach across the table and slap Jerry, snap out of it.”

Watch more of their story in the video above, including questions about whether Jerry may have unknowingly wound up in a money laundering scheme. On Wednesday's episode, hear from Jerry who insists these women are real and that he has even met one of them in person. And on Thursday, hear from one of the women behind the pictures. Is Jerry being catfished? Check here to see where you can watch.

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