LouAnne and her niece, Candice, say they are 100% convinced that Candice’s mother, and LouAnne’s older sister, Lois, is being catfished. LouAnne claims that Lois sacrificed her 37-year marriage as well as her retirement savings for a string of fictional online sweethearts, leaving her destitute.

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Lois says she has either dated or been engaged to various online loves, including “The General,” “Dr. Morris,” “Fred,” and now, “Paul.” She admits to sending money to each of them and says “Dr. Morris” confessed to her that he was scamming her and then warned her not to send money to “Fred” either.

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“Fred is an honest man. I still believe that,” says Lois, claiming that she “rescued” him from Africa, only to have him blame her for missing his flight.

When Dr. Phil says, “Here’s a guy in Africa and he’s so incompetent that he needs some lady in the middle of the United States to get him to the airport in Africa,” how does Lois respond?

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