Debbie, who recently lost 300 lbs. after gastric sleeve surgery, says her self-image hasn’t yet caught up to her newly slimmed-down figure. She claims her fiancé, James, tries to control her and dominate their relationship, and that hasn’t helped her self-esteem.

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Debbie says she loves James, but claims at times, their arguments can escalate “into something that just blows up.”

Once, she says, they were both arrested for domestic violence. “I went to go get food, and he went to sleep, and when I came back in, he thought I had been out with someone else,” she says. “It escalated over a period of hours, and we ended up in a physical confrontation. I bit him, and that’s why I went to jail.”

Another time, she claims James couldn’t find his cigarettes, “and he got really rough with me because he thought I hid them.”

Debbie says their arguments don’t always turn physical, however. “Ninety percent of the time he and I can separate and calm down and everything is OK.”

“I know James doesn’t want to hurt me,” she says.

“Debbie and I fight, she wants me to listen to her, she gets loud. I don’t like to argue at all,” says James who adamantly denies physically hurting Debbie.

On Friday’s Dr. Phil, learn what Debbie’s 19-year-old daughter, Kaylee, claims she’s witnessed when her mother and James fight.

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