Angela and her husband, Dan, say for years they have always seemed to be the picture-perfect couple. They have four beautiful daughters and a nice house, Angela was once a preschool teacher, and they say they are prominent members of their church. But they also say what their friends, neighbors and church congregation didn’t know was that Angela had a secret; she says she can’t stop cheating on her husband.

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“The first time I was unfaithful to Dan it was because I was upset with him,” Angela says. “I asked him for money. Dan told me no. I’m a brat; I’m not really sure how else to put it. I got really upset, and I reached out to an ex from the past. One thing led to another, and we ended up having sex.”

She says she came clean two days later and that Dan was “devastated” and “freaking out.”

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“After the first affair, I did make a vow to Dan that I would never cheat on him again. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case,” Angela confesses.

In the video above, Angela shares why she continued to have encounters with men outside of her marriage – and how Dan found out and reacted.

Is Angela ready to stop her behavior and be faithful to Dan? See what happens on Tuesday’s episode of Dr. Phil. Check here to see where you can watch.

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