It’s been over a year since Gabe has been allowed to raise her 3-year-old daughter, Avery. She claims that’s because her mother, Becky, refuses to give her a second chance after a drug relapse 14 months ago, but Becky claims it’s because Gabe continues to make bad decisions, which Gabe adamantly denies.

Becky isn’t the only family member who claims Gabe is not ready to resume caring for her daughter. Gabe’s younger sister, Aly, says she worries that Gabe will never put Avery’s needs before her own.

“She doesn’t have the qualities that it takes to be a good mom,” insists Aly, adding, “I don’t think Avery is ever going to be the top priority. I don’t think she should be with Gabe.”

“That’s what I’d expect my sister to say,” says Gabe, claiming that they never got along and that Aly doesn’t speak to her.

When Dr. Phil says, “She would like to speak to you. Would you like to speak to her now?” how does Gabe respond?

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And later, what does Dr. Charles Sophy, a board-certified psychiatrist and retired medical director of the Department of Child and Family Services for Los Angeles County, say about the steps Gabe will have to complete before she can bring her daughter home?

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