Debbi claims that her grandson, Matthew, is being manipulated by Kaden, his girlfriend who is 24 years older than him. She says after they met, he left the state with Kaden and is living in an RV, panhandling for money and only showers every few weeks.

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“Matthew’s been brainwashed by Kaden. She’s wrapped him around her little finger,” says Debbi, who raised Matthew.

Debbi and her daughter, Rhea, Matthew’s mom, both say they believe Kaden has convinced Matthew to believe that he was sexually abused as a child.

“Kaden believes that Matthew needs counseling because he was sexually abused by several people while he was growing up,” Debbi says. “I don’t believe that it is true.”

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“It seems like these abuse stories came out of nowhere,” Rhea says. “I believe that Kaden may be coaching Matthew.”

Kaden denies Debbi and Rhea's allegations. She claims Debbi ignored the signs that Matthew was being abused and says she is the only one helping Matthew.

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Debbi claims that Kaden told her she was a counselor and a therapist.

“After I had questioned her about what her credentials were, she started accusing me: It was my fault, I let it happen,” Debbi says.

The women, who say they are desperate to get Matthew away from Kaden, turn to Dr. Phil on Friday’s episode. See what happens when they come face-to-face with Matthew and Kaden for the first time in over a year, and hear why Matthew says Kaden is the only person helping him. Check here to see where you can watch.

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