Angie says her 25-year marriage to John is falling apart. She says they fight every day and that “divorce is pretty imminent.” Angie also claims John is a liar and keeps secrets from her.

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“John has blown over $100,000,” Angie says. Most of that money was an inheritance that he didn’t tell her about. “John accidentally butt dialed me and that is how I found out about the $88,000, and I recorded it.”

John admits that he has been self-centered and sneaky. “When I know I’m doing something wrong, I lie my butt off,” he says.

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In regards to the inheritance, John says, “It was my money, so I did what I wanted to. I wanted to just go have a good time for John.”

In the video above, hear the conversation Angie recorded of John unknowingly confessing about the inheritance. Angie says it’s time John come clean and own up to all of his behavior. Is he willing to do that? See what happens on Monday’s episode of Dr. Phil. Check here to see where you can watch.

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Man Admits He Cheated On Wife: 'I Was Lonely'

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Playing Man Admits He Cheated On Wife: 'I Was Lonely'

Man Admits He Cheated On Wife: 'I Was Lonely'